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Easily Transfer Word to PDF Using SizePDF

A PDF is a capture of a Document that ensures that the data and format are preserved throughout the transfer. Creating the fixed format is required when you want to transfer Word to PDF. A user may transform Word to PDF for free using many online services.

Part 1: Why Do We Need to Convert Word Files to PDF

Thousands of professionals use Microsoft Word every day to interact with coworkers, read private workplace files, and more. Despite its popularity, you should avoid saving Microsoft Word Documents with the.Docx suffix. Microsoft Word Documents pale in comparison to PDFs. Therefore, many look to transfer Word Document to PDF.

Well Preserve The Format of PDFs

Users of Linux and Apple operating systems may frequently convert.Docx files to other file extensions. These transformed files, unfortunately, may not appear well once they've been converted every time and might mess up the real formatting. No matter how, PDFs keep their layout, typefaces, and other properties. No other frequently used file type can keep its formatting as well as PDFs.

Word Documents Aren't Particularly Secure

When you upload Microsoft Word Documents online, cybercriminals can look through the EXIF data and other statistical data to locate things you don't want to share. This is particularly important when exchanging Microsoft Word Documents with individuals you don't know. Although you believe the individuals who have access to your papers are trustworthy, always ensure to transfer Word Doc to PDF before sharing them. This is the only method to keep your personal information safe.

Part 2: Benefits of Using SizePDF Free Conversion Tool

If you are looking to transfer Word Document to PDF, PDF to Word’s free online converter is a great choice. Not only will it save on your precious time, but it will also make the entire conversion process completely safe. Let us take a look at the benefits of using PDF to Word’s free conversion tool online.

Free of Cost

Using PDF to Word’s conversion tool is completely free. Users do not need to register or sign up for an account if they are looking to start their conversions.

Unlimited Usage

Unlike most other platforms that restrict the number of conversions per user based on sign up, you can opt for unlimited use. PDF to Word’s free tool helps you to transfer Word Doc to PDF as many times as you want. If you want a hassle-free experience, choose PDF to Word.


Since users do not need to register on the platform to transfer Word to PDF, users do not need to worry about the security of their personal information. Also, our website will delete all the files that you upload on the platform for conversions after our converter completes the session. So, users can rest assured of the security and can convert their Word files to PDFs without any worry and hassle.

Without Changing Format

I think when you convert Words to PDFs, its format will change but don't worry about it now, SizePDF is a Doc to PDF converter without changing format, it can convert google Doc to PDF without losing formatting. So our website preserves your PDFs well.

Get High-Quality PDFs

Since the conversion tools are on the web, users can convert Doc to PDF high quality. Using other converters you may get a blurred PDF. But with SizePDF, you can transform Doc to PDF high resolution.
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How to Convert Word to PDF in SizePDF

Then how to convert pdf to word without an application using SizePDF? Easy. You just need to follow these simple steps: