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Best Word to PDF Converter for Windows 10 That Is Free to Use

Sometimes you need to convert Word to PDF windows 10, whether it is for work or school projects. But it may be difficult to convert it directly. In this article, we list down three best Word to PDF converter for windows 10.

Part 1: List of The Best Free Word to PDF Converter for Windows 10

First, we will talk about the best free tools to convert Word to PDF windows 10. We will also discuss their strengths and weaknesses.

1. SizePDF

SizePDF is one of the most popular Word to PDF converter for windows 10 websites thanks to its high level of security. This tool is equipped with SSL conversion to ensure the privacy and security of your documents. In addition, this site also has a policy to delete your files immediately after you finish downloading the conversion.

Beside moving PDF documents to Word, SizePDF also supports PDF to Excel, PowerPoint, and text conversion. This converter is free to use with no document limits or usage. It can be accessed from Windows, Mac, and even mobile phones. The resulting conversion quality is also very good.

2. iLovePDF

iLovePDF is another application that is also widely used to convert Word to PDF windows 10. One of the advantages of this tool is that you can perform a number of conversion options, including merging and splitting PDF or converting from JPEG. Another feature is to add signatures and watermarks to your documents. This makes iLovePDF a one-stop solution.

Unfortunately, for optimal access to all of these features, you must first subscribe to their premium features. What's more, the free version has a daily conversion limit and displays ads for each conversion. If you frequently use PDF converters you must pay to use their service.

3. SmallPDF

SmallPDF is also a well-known Word to PDF converter software for windows 10. People can use the converter on almost any platform, including mobile phones and computers. This includes features such as digital signature, merging, and splitting PDFs. There is also a feature to remove passwords from PDF documents.

In addition, you can edit the document directly from the site, which makes your work easier. However, you can use it for free in the first month. Next month subscription fees range from $ 9 per month to $ 7 for packages of 2 to 50 people. Unfortunately, those packages can only be purchased for at least one year.

Part 2: How to Use Word to PDF Converter Windows 10

After choosing the right conversion tools, we will guide you through step-by-step guides on how to use this converter. Then, we will use Words to PDF as an example.

1. Select a File

After entering its site, you can convert from Word to PDF by using the option at the bottom of the site. You can select multiple files and convert them at the same time.

2. Click the Convert Button

Click the button to convert Word document to PDF windows 10. Pay attention to the progress bar. The speed depends on the internet speed and the size of your file. It usually only takes seconds.

3. Click the Download Button and Delete the File Record

When the conversion process is complete, a download button will appear and the document will be automatically removed from the cloud to protect your privacy.

4. If You Want to Convert More PDF Files, Click "Other"

The main feature of Words to PDF is that it does not have a conversion limit and requires no registration. You can convert as many documents as you need for free.

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