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All About Word to PDF Converter i Love PDF You Should Know

Word to PDF converteriLovePDF is the tool you need for converting your PDF files into Word. On top of all, the word to pdf converter i love PDF can read images, Word arts, columns, text boxes, and different types of shapes.

Part 1: How to Solve Word to PDF Converter iLovePDF Needs

The Word document (DOC) to PDF converter major issue lies in preserving the original format. Because often, DOC to PDF converter without changing format is quite a nuisance to find. The images and text boxes often become the greatest obstacles for many similar programs like Word to PDF converter iLove PDF.

Luckily, there are ways to solve the needs of Word to PDF converter iLovePDF. These steps should guide you in solving the things that can happen in any Word to PDF converter Love programs.

Step 1: Upload your Word documents. We advise you to upload the DOC file instead of the DOCX since the entire Microsoft Word versions from 2003 to the most recent ones can open the files without any hassles. You can either drop the files or do the click-and-drag actions.
(P.S.: You may need to adjust the image placements, text boxes, and other shapes accordingly when you are saving your DOCX files into DOCs).

Step 2: Repeat Step 1 until you have finished uploading the entire document. And iLovePDF Word to PDF converter usually limits you to 20 Word documents at a maximum.

Step 3: Wait until the Word to PDF converter iLovePDF converts your documents. Once you see the PDF documents, you should be ready to check for the quality. At some points, you may need to adjust the file sizes to boost the qualities.

Step 4: You can use the file compressor to compress the PDF files. This step is particularly useful when a website needs you to upload a particular size of PDF file. In other words, it is crucial for preserving the DOC to PDF high resolution (or quality) files.

Part 2: Security and Free-of-charge Related Issues

No matter how convenient the Word to PDF converter iLovePDF program is, many people still doubt the security threats.

Recently, many Word to PDF converters people love to use have an option to donate to certain causes for document conversion through their websites. Even though such actions can appear altruistic, those philanthropic activities often record our personal data, such as birthdate, postal code, internet providers, monthly income, and more.

The more data we give to third parties we hardly know, the more likely we pose ourselves to security threats. Data breaches are just some of the general examples of how we cannot guarantee the security of our internet actions (including converting Word into PDF) at all times.

Even though there are no philanthropic activities or any types of activity that somehow have ties to the company’s corporate social responsibility program, such accidents seem to happen to any freebie service websites.

There are always reasons why companies and individuals offer their services for free. They almost always want something to exchange with.

The good news is that we are not like those people and companies. We provide you a place called SizePDF to let you convert your Word (DOC) files without diminishing the file’s qualities.
word to pdf converter i love pdf

Part 3: Why Should You Choose Our Products

We pride ourselves on our interactive and user-friendly designs. When you visit our website to convert your DOC to PDF, you will not only see the colorful and interactive graphics. What's more, you don’t even need to install Flash or similar additional booster programs.

On top of all, The MS Word to PDF Converter SizePDF is free to use, apply, and execute. We never sell your data, either. So, your files are safe with us.