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Change Word to PDF Windows 10 in Three Simple Ways

Compared to other file formats, PDF is safer and can be opened in various devices with the same look.  Simply for those of you who want to change Word to PDF Windows 10, you can conduct in these ways.

Part 1: Using Microsoft Word
Part 2: Using Google Docs
Part 3: Using Online Tools

Part 1: Using Microsoft Office

Word to PDF for Windows 10 can be done by using the Microsoft office facilities. If you have a laptop with Microsoft Word installed, you don't need to worry since Microsoft Office version 2013 and above enable users to save the Word DOC file as PDF. The first step you need to do is kindly open the Microsoft Word then write the article or text you want to convert to PDF or open the file Word if you already have one.

After the file text is ready then open the file menu on Microsoft Word 2013. On the file menu then click save as, then choose the directory file you want to save the result. Choose PDF as the file format then click save.

To make sure the file has been well converted, you can open the folder where you save the file then click the PDF file to open. You have done your Word document to PDF Windows 10 conversion.

Part 2: Using Google Docs

Google now has so many applications and anyone all over the world can use it. It provides data processing apps similar to that on Microsoft office. Using Google Docs provided by google can be an alternative for you, so you don't need a converter of Word document to PDF download for Windows 10. This is so easy to use, you need to open google drive then log in with the associated Gmail you have.

Click the new button, there are various options of documents you can generate with this online tool. They are google DOCs, google sheets, google slides, google forms and many more. Once you click google DOCs, the screen will show you a workspace similar to the interface of Microsoft Word. Just write the text you want to convert as a PDF. After all text is ready to convert. Click the file menu then click download and choose the PDF as the result file after the downloading process.
word to pdf download for windows 10

Part 3: Using Online Tools

Change Word to PDF for Windows 10 by using online tools. There are so many online tool file conversions on the internet. By using an online converter, you don’t need to install Word to PDF software for Windows 10. We recommend you to use SizePDF online application to convert your Word DOC document to PDF. This online application is free to use. It provides so many conversion file formats such as PDF to Word, PDF to PPT, PDF to Text and many others.