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Do We Need Excel to PDF Converter Software

When the internet wasn’t as advanced as it is now, the Excel to PDF converter software was one of the main needs for the employees and businessmen. However, as our technology has got more advance, now we do not need that software.

Part 1: Why Do We Not Need Excel to PDF Converter Software Anymore

You may ask why we do not need Excel to PDF converter software anymore. Well, if you keep up with the technological advances, you will know that the Excel to PDF software has been replaced by the Excel to PDF website.

Yes, we still have Microsoft Excel where we can create an Excel sheet and save it directly as a PDF. However, sometimes this feature is an error and this feature is also not suitable for smartphone users. Yes, in this era, some of them use smartphones to work.

Instead of using software to convert Excel to PDF that needs more space from your laptop or computer, you can use a website to convert your Excel file into PDF format.

To find the website, you can just type ‘Excel to PDF converter on your favorite browser. There will be many websites that you can choose for the conversion. However, before converting your file, you must check the benefit and the safety.

Part 2: Excel to PDF Converter Website

Many factors indicate the website’s safety level. However, there is only one factor that can be seen by us as the user, that is the personal details requirement.

Some websites may ask for our details just for the signing up purpose. But some websites ask too much for our details. Not just asking for our full name and email, they also ask for our credit card details even if they claim themselves as an online free PDF converter. So if they provide free features, why do we need to put our credit card details?

Other than that, some websites claim themselves as a free converter but end up asking us to pay the subscription fee for the ‘special’ features, such as: converting many files at once, converting files with higher quality, etc.

Now you may think that we do need to pay to convert files via a website. Well, not. Some websites do provide a 100% free-of-charge online conversion feature, like SizePDF.

Part 3: The Benefit of Using SizePDF

Unlike other conversion websites, PDF to Word provides full free features, starting from the conversion of Text, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to PDF (v.v), the free all-at-once conversion, until the high-quality conversion.

To use this conversion, you can visit SizePDF, click the Tools and choose the Excel to PDF tool. Then click the Select Documents button in the middle and upload your file. Click the More button to upload more than 1 file. After a few seconds, all those files will be converted into PDF and you can download them by clicking the Download button.
excel to pdf free software

So simple, right? Therefore, we do not need the Excel to PDF converter free software anymore.






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