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Converting XLS to PDF – The Easiest Way You Should Try

Changing Excel to PDF is similar to changing any documents into PDF. Whether a Word or image file, conversion can be done in a flash with a proper tool. If you desire a less time-consuming method, follow these tutorials to quickly change XLS to PDF online.

Part 1: How to Convert XLS to PDF Easily

As you may see in the above explanation, the ways in changing online XLS to PDF are actually quite similar to the general PDF conversion. Have you ever done it before? If you don’t follow our guide to properly convert their files.

To change your files into PDF, you need a converter tool. These kinds of tools usually exist in two forms: applications and websites. The first option is more suitable for people who consistently need to convert XLS files to PDF, maybe for someone who works in administrative fields. It often takes less time from opening the app to downloading the result. Plus, you will always have a steady tool to help you with the conversion each time you require it.

With our online converters, you can also easily change from XLS to PDF without the need to install everything. They're more suitable for both singular and bulk conversion. They’re versatile to be used each time, but you will always need the internet to access their websites.

A user will have to enter their files first and input them on their server, the process will run. Generally, the conversion is finished in minutes or so, depending on the file’s size. If you encounter a converter that needs to take more time, then you better look for an alternative.

Aspect is also an important aspect to think about. But, remember, not all converters come freely. Sometimes, they could charge you unexpectedly. Sometimes, users need to pay a certain amount for a simple conversion. So, this could be troublesome for people who need to convert their files on a basis. That’s why the free options are always desirable.

Part 2: Using the Alternative – SizePDF

To get you out of the confusion in picking the best tool, we’d like to introduce you to SizePDF, an online converter that can give you more than just conversion. It’s not a standalone converter; it packs a lot more stuff to dig in. Aside from the conversion function, you can also use other valuable tools such as PDF Compressor and PDF Merger. What's more, these options are free to use and available to all users without limitations.

Aside from the ability to online XLS to PDF, SizePDF also offers an additional layer of protection through encryption protocols to make your files remain private. Follow these steps to convert XLS file to PDF with SizePDF:

  1. The first and mandatory step is to visit SizePDF website
  2. Secondly, upon entering the site, you might notice a singular button there
  3. Then click it, and upload the documents
  4. Fourthly, the process will then run automatically
  5. Finally, click download after it’s finished

xls 2 pdf

Part 3: Questions and Answers

If you know this site for the first time, you probably have some questions in mind. Here are the questions to the most frequently asked questions:

"Is It Really Free?"

SizePDF is a free online converter. Enjoy all the features without the need to make any payments.

"What Will Happen to My Files?"

According to your choice, the documents will quickly be turned into PDFs or vice versa. You may easily convert any documents to PDF.

"Is It Safe to Upload Documents Here?"

The encryption also applies to the uploaded documents, so they can be more protected against cybersecurity risks.