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Convert PDF to CSV Mac for Free

CSV stands for Comma-separated Values, which is used to store tabular data and PDF is a standard file format widely applied in most companies. You may have a bank statement or other big data in PDF format that needs so you have to convert that file to CSV format. Therefore, you need to know how to convert PDF to CSV Mac.

Part 1: Converting PDF to CSV Mac

Converting PDF to CSV Mac will make it easier for you to make further use of those data. This is applied to any data, such as bank statements, warehouse reports, sales reports, etc.

"But how do we convert PDF to CSV Mac?", you may ask. Well, there are a few tools that you can use for this purpose (not all tools you can use if you are a Mac user). However, each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Some of them require payment and some tools offer free converters. The ones with payment required may ask you to pay a lifetime subscription of hundred dollars. Otherwise, you will have to pay a subscription fee monthly. So you will have to provide a budget for that subscription fee.

Part 2: How to Convert PDF to CSV on Mac

You may think, "Is there any way that I can convert PDF to CSV on Mac for free?" Yes, there are many free tools that you can use for converting PDF to CSV on Mac.

However, do they all give the best result? No, not all of them can give the best result. Some of them even give bad results. Therefore, after converting PDF to CSV Mac, you need to check that file quality. Is it completely to convert such a document? Is the color fine as well? Etc.

There is some PDF to CSV conversion websites that can give free complete results and even allow us to upload PDF files either from your Mac or cloud storage. However, they usually have no OCR feature and distract us with annoying advertisements, not just once, but several times.

Some of them also cannot convert scanned PDF into CSV, so that we will not be able to edit that file. Maximum free files rules are also applied on some websites. There are some websites that allow you to convert 2 or a maximum of 5 files only each hour. If you need to convert more files, then you will have to pay a subscription fee using your credit card, which is kind of risky.

Part 3: Best PDF to CSV Mac Converter

So how to convert a PDF to CSV on Mac and get the best result for free? You can try SizePDF as it provides an OCR feature if needed and allows unlimited files and scanned PDFs to be converted into CSV format.
how to change pdf to csv on mac

Like any other website, SizePDF also applies advertisements, but the positioning is totally fine and it is never a pop-up advertisement.

This website gives you complete results for free and does not require you to sign up. You can also choose the source, either from your Mac or Cloud Storage.

You just need to open the SizePDF website and choose the PDF to CSV option. Then, upload all PDF files that you want to convert. Just wait a few seconds until the conversion is completed.

After that, you can download them for further purposes.

Interesting, right? Just try SizePDF by yourself to work more efficiently.

Actually, "csv" is equivalent to "excel".