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When we receive a sales report or warehouse report, they may send it to us in PDF format to make it look neat and stable. However, when we check it, sometimes we find the mistake and need to edit it as soon as possible. In this case, we need a PDF to CSV Converter.

Part 1: What is CSV

Comma-separated Value as well known as CSV is a data format that helps us to input data into the database in an easy-peasy way. CSV is usually used on ASCII file standards. Therefore, each record is separated by comma (,) or semicolon (;). When we receive file(s) with CSV file format, we can automatically open that file in Microsoft Excel.

The CSV file format is usually used by a big company, such as a foundation, a big school, a bank, or a top FMCG company. They use CSV file format because they have a very big database. CSV file format will help them to search the data using Microsoft Excel or WordPad quickly.

Other than that, finance applications, especially the cashier one usually automatically save the data in CSV file format. That is why big companies use this file format. In some countries, we will use CSV for tax reporting. Now you get why CSV is so important, right?

Part 2: PDF to CSV File Converter

Let us say we are both a supervisor, but in different companies. We surely work with big data and our staff may send us any report in PDF format. Why is it not CSV? Because PDF does give a more professional look and people cannot edit or manipulate it.

However, sometimes we need to edit the report as soon as possible due to some of our staff's mistakes. This may happen when our manager asks for that report in 5 or even 1 minute(s).

Instead of giving it back to our staff who might already be overwhelmed by her or his undone tasks, we can edit that report all by ourselves. This is when we need a PDF to CSV file converter.

We will find a lot of PDF to CSV file converter on our favorite browser, whether it is Google Chrome, Microsoft Bing, or Mozilla Firefox.

There is a convertion website that allows us to convert PDF files to CSV without signing up. However, that website allows us to convert 5 files only each day. What if we have to convert like… 20 files at one time?

There is also another PDF to CSV Converter that allows us to convert many files (not just 5 files) at one time, but it can only be uploaded via Google Drive or Dropbox. Well, not all of us save our working files on Google Drive or Dropbox. Some of us prefer to save that kind of file on our office computer or laptop. Therefore, when we use that PDF to CSV Converter, we shall need more time to upload our files to Google Drive or Dropbox.

Part 3: Best PDF to CSV Converter

So what is the best PDF to CSV converter? Well, so far the best PDF to CSV converter is SizePDF. This website allows us to convert unlimited PDF files to CSV at one time without signing up. Do we have to pay the subscription fee? No, it is completely free. We may upload the PDF files from our computer or laptop, Google Drive, or Dropbox.
pdf to csv converter

SizePDF will convert our PDF files to CSV format in a few seconds. Then, we can download those files and edit them as needed. After that, we can give those files (reports) to our manager.

Can you believe that? If you cannot yet, well, just try it on your own. Good luck!

Actually, "csv" is equivalent to "excel".