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PDF to CSV Online Converter, Quicky and Free

A PDF to CSV online converter is needed for those who work at a big company. The big companies of course have a lot of big data and use PDF as a standard format. The online PDF to CSV converter is needed to make further use of those data or files.

Part 1: Which Further Use

You may wonder which further use can be made from a CSV file that was converted from PDF format? Well, after converting PDF to CSV online, you will be able to directly edit the file as needed and convert it back to PDF once done, save it to your storage, and send it to the interested party, such as your supplier, your manager, etc. if needed. You can also compress the file, so it will not harm your computer or laptop.

For your information, when you convert PDF to CSV free online, Microsoft Excel also can open the converted file. So make sure your Microsoft Excel software is totally fine.

Part 2: How to Convert PDF to CSV For Free

We can convert PDF to CSV online for free in many ways, even with a smartphone or tablet application. Some of those kinds of applications even can use by offline. You just need to install it from Google Play Store or App Store. However, you may not feel comfortable looking at the big data on your tiny smartphone or tablet screen.

That is why you need a PDF to CSV converter that can be used for both Windows and Mac users. You can find a lot of tools to do the PDF to CSV conversion on all browsers, such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Bing, and Mozilla Firefox.

Although there is more than one PDF to CSV converter online, not all of them provide free services. Some of them may allow you to convert PDF to CSV free for the first 2 files. However, when you want to convert more files, they will have you waiting for an hour or two, or even a day.

That bothers those who need to convert many PDF files to CSV quickly due to pressure from their superiors. If you insist on converting all of them at once, you will have to pay the subscription fee of around hundred dollars. Some of them even put up too many annoying pop-up advertisements to get so much money.

Part 3: The Best Online PDF to CSV Converter

If you need to convert many files in PDF to CSV free online at once, then you should try SizePDF. This website allows you to convert an unlimited number of PDF files into CSV format in a few seconds and give good results with the original file layout and highly retained formatting.
pdf to csv converter online free

You can do that without signing up and subscribing. Instead, you just need to open the SizePDF website and choose the PDF to CSV conversion option. Then you can convert as many PDF files as you want to the CSV format and download them right away.

Yes, it is that easy and quick. If you are still unsure, you can try converting PDF to CSV using SizePDF right now.

Actually, "csv" is equivalent to "excel".