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The Best Ever Website for Converting PDF to XLS

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Frustrated looking for an easy way to convert PDF to xls? Search no more. This article will show you an easy and secure one stop solution for all your conversion needs and that too completely free. So let us get started without further delay.

Part 1: Best website for PDF to xls free conversion

Nobody wants to download applications or go through complicated software installation procedures for simple PDF to xls conversion needs. Therefore, we bring to you SizePDF, a website that is as easy as it gets to use and completely online. Use it with your Mac or Windows and with any browser you like, it is compatible and efficient with them all.

Simply, head over to the SizePDF website to start. You can select the option 'PDF to Excel' from their tools menu to convert your files from PDF to xls. And the website offers a tutorial with every tool that will walk you through every step of the conversion process making it a hassle free experience for you. Moreover, the conversion process is fast, though, the conversion speed will relatively depend on the size of your file and your Internet speed.

It is amazing that a free website like SizePDF not only exports PDF to xls, but does so in a manner such that most of the formatting in the original PDF document retains the converted xls document. Of course, you may find that some of your fonts are not retained in the converted xls document but that's a very small price to pay for such wide range of services being provided and that too for free.

Unlike other websites that charge a tidy sum for their services, with SizePDF, then you do not need to signup and pay for using any of their tools.

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Part 2: Document confidentiality and security

It is understandable that you are worried about the confidentiality and security of your documents. Because you are using a website that is free and online. However, there is absolutely no need for concern. The SizePDF website provides SSL encryption for all uploaded and converted documents. So absolutely, no one is able to get your files without your permission.

Indeed, there are other popular websites that promise enhanced security features like ISO accreditation, GDPR compliance. And may even be approved by the PDF association. Nevertheless, they do retain your files on their servers for one to two hours after the conversion process. On the other hand, with SizePDF, you can delete your converted files with just one click.

You were looking for an easy and quick way to export PDF to xls, but now you have it. Then the next step is simply go to the SizePDF website to convert your files from PDF to xls. You get to access an Ad free experience with all the conversion tools you could possibly imagine just one click away.

There is no need to hop from one website to the other. On SizePDF you can convert:
Word file to PDF
PDF to Word
Excel file to PDF
PDF to PowerPoint
PowerPoint to PDF
PDF to Text
Text to PDF

Truly the best and efficient option available out there!