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How to Convert PDF to PPT Without Changing Font?

There exists a doubt on which website to use for the conversion procedure. We are aware of the fact that there can loss of data, misappropriation of font style, font size, not further editable, and so on. Some websites guarantee 100% that such issues won't occur, but we require premium access to them. So, we took it as our responsibility to present to you some of the best websites that convert PDF to PPT without changing font. 

Part 1: Steps to Convert PDF to PPT Without Changing Font

The steps are as follows:

PDF to Powerpoint

Part 2: Best Softwares and Websites to Export PDF to PPT

Adobe Acrobat

The best software one can use to export PDF to PowerPoint is Adobe Acrobat without any doubt. However, Adobe Acrobat is software that needs to be downloaded on the device and requires a premium subscription to the same. This is one of the main reasons people do not use Adobe software. Even though one can crack such software, but even the cracked Adobe starts consuming more RAM on any kind of device.

Small PDF

Small PDF is possibly the better option when it comes to exporting PDF to PowerPoint free The website provides a lot of options and convenience to its users. However, the only flaw in the entire website is that it provides many ads which makes it frustrating to use it on a daily basis. There is also a daily limit for every user. Above that, we need to purchase its membership. There is no guarantee that the PowerPoint file we just received, will contain no errors. Generally, we can observe that the font styles and font sizes are not similar to our file. Therefore, it isn't recommended when you try to convert PDF to PowerPoint online.


If we need a Word to explain this website, it's flawless. Though the name of the website doesn't seem so, it allows every single conversion including PDF to PowerPoint online free unlimited. It is relatively faster, free of cost, provides unlimited conversions in a day, no sign-up required, and most importantly, no loss of data. There are three subsections to this website namely small PDF to Word, iLove PDF to Word, and PDF to Word. Therefore, one can be using multiple subsections to convert bulky and numerous files online. It also allows multiple conversions which makes it even more convenient to use it. A lot of people are slowly switching over to SizePDF.