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Best Online Tools to Export PDF to PowerPoint

There are a lot of websites in the internet that can export PDF to PowerPoint. But we have observed that there are a ton of ads in them. Most of the times the websites don't even work for the purpose. Let us put some of the best online tools to convert PDF file to PowerPoint online free.

Part 1: Detailed Research on Options to Export PDF to PowerPoint

Some of the best online PDF to PowerPoint convertor are as follows:

Adobe Acrobat Reader: Adobe is one of the most famous companies which provide the option to convert your documents from PDF to PowerPoint online free, Word to PDF, Excel to Word and so on. However, there are many problems with this application. Some of the tools such as PDF to PowerPoint convertor online free without email aren't freely available. One needs to purchase the monthly sign up in order to use these features.  You cannot further edit the files converted without the premium access. Hence, there are a lot of demerits to this application.

Small PDF: It is one of the most well-known websites to export a PDF to PowerPoint. Comparatively faster and reliable, this website makes the impossible, possible. However, this website too, allows only a specific number of conversions from PDF to PowerPoint online free. Later, we need to purchase its premium access too. Else, the website starts to slow down and lag frequently. There are a lot of ads to it as well. Better than Adobe Acrobat, but we still need better.

PDF to Word: Known for its strong capacity to convert bulky PDF to PowerPoint online free, this is one of the best PDF to PowerPoint convertor online. There are 3 subdivisions to this website namely:

PDF to Word

iLove PDF to Word

Small PDF to Word

Therefore, even if one subhead doesn't work, you have a lot of other options in the same website. A lot of people have found this extremely helpful and they use it on a daily basis. The website is easily accessible on the internet.

Part 2: Steps on How to Use Them for Your Comfort

The steps to use this PDF to Word, iLove PDF to Word and Small PDF to Word are easier. However, these are mentioned below for your convenience.

1. Access the SizePDF.

2. Under the section where it says 'Select Documents', choose the PDF files needed.

3. Your work is mostly done, but wait until the website succeeds to export a PDF to PowerPoint. It mainly involves copying of text and format from the PDF and converting it into a PowerPoint file.

4. Once it is done, you can click on 'Download File' to export PDF to PowerPoint on your device.

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