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PDF to PPTX Converter Online Free Without Any Comprises in 2021

Are you looking to convert your PDF file to PPTX free online? In the following blog section, we are going to provide you with the best PDF to PPTX converter online free software.

Part 1: Where Most Free Online PDF to PPTX Converters Fail

Well, if you just Google the term "free online PDF to PPTX converter", then you will find hundreds of online tools claiming to be the best!

But, are they really the best option?

Well, yes most of them would convert PDF files to PPTX online, but keep in mind that there are going to be some quality issues involved.

convert pdf files to pptx online

To be more specific, 3 quality issues can spoil your entire document. Let's discuss them below:

3 Main quality issues of free online PDF to PPTX converters


Most of the users on the internet must have come across this quality issue once in their lifetime. The PDF file format is rich & it retains the original document formatting of all elements such as image, text, data, etc.

This is the issue that makes a tool worse than others. A good PDF to PPT converter should keep your formatting intact with all the elements in place. But, most free tools do not pay attention to this and this is the reason why such tools spoil the experience of people.

Image/Graphic Resolution

The quality issue with many low-quality free PDF to PPTX converters is that images of the PDF file appear to be blurry or lower resolution than the image in the original PDF file format. One more reason behind this is that when you convert to PowerPoint format, then the presentation format compresses the images.

This option is enabled by default. Even though it may not be a big thing while using a low-quality image in the original PDF file. But, the image quality downgrade becomes more evident, when you have a high-resolution image in the original PDF file. Therefore, software should have a lossless compression format to minimize the quality downgrade as low as possible.

Conversion Failure

As the name suggests, a conversion failure is when the software fails to convert PDF file to PPTX online. In most cases, the main reason here is the incompatible file formats or too large PDF file sizes. Due to this, the PDF file conversion fails, as most tools are incompetent to do the task.

Part 2: iLovePDF - The One-stop Solution to Convert PDF File to PPTX Online

The above-mentioned quality issues are encountered with multiple PDF to PPTX converters. But, one tool that stands out among the rest is the iLovePDF PDF to PPTX converter online free. It is an easy-to-use, one-stop solution to convert all your PDF files to the ppt format.

Once you convert your PDF files to PPTX, you will get PPTX files with: