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PDF to PPT Converter I Love PDF Online Software Review 2021

If you are looking to convert your Adobe documents to a Microsoft presentation, then you must have come across the PDF to PPT converter I love PDF. This is one tool that is most talked about in the PDF to PPT conversion requirements.

Part 1: Initiating Review

PDF to PPT Converter iLovePDF online software review 2021 - Is it the best tool in the market

So, we are going to review the I love PDF to PPT converter. It is claimed to be the best software to convert PDF to PPT file format, but is it really the best?

In the following section, We will break down all the comprehensive aspects of the PDF to PPT converter iLovePDF online software review.

pdf to ppt converter ilovepdf

While testing the I love PDF to PPT converter, we evaluated the software on the following key performance metrics:

Ease of usability

The PDF to PPT converter iLovePDF tool has a drag and drop function, where you can drag & drop the PDF file directly to the portal of your local folders. Another way to select your file is to browse through the location of the folder & upload the file to the PDF to PPT converter I love PDF online software. To enhance usability, it allows you to select your PDF file directly from your Google Drive or your Dropbox. With all these options, the tool takes it to another level and scores a 10/10 on ease of usability.

Conversion speed

This is the point from where the performance is put to test, we tried uploading multiple files with different sizes. Despite using heavy PDF files, the tool performed exceptionally well. The software converts the files instantly without any halt! No matter how many elements/pictures the PDF files have, you can finish the conversion in seconds.


The final PPT file shows the efficacy of a particular online PDF to PPT converter. Most free PDF to PPT fail to deliver high quality, as the final PPT loses the image quality, text structure preserved by the original PDF file. But the iLovePDF tool works well and delivers excellent quality with original image quality & text structure intact.


The iLovePDF PDF to PPT converter ensures that your PDF file content is confidential. The site is protected via a secure socket layer, which prevents the hackers from getting access to your confidential PDF document.

Part 2: Concluding with Our Product Link

Summing up

There are hundreds of PDF to PPT converter tools available online. But most of them are not the best choice. Out of all these tools, the iLove PDF to PPT converter is the best online converter. In case, if anyone is looking for a good PDF to PPT converter. Then the iLovepdf PDF to PPT converter. is a complete solution for all your PDF needs.