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PDF to PPTX Online Converter, Easy and Free

Someday you will need PDF to PPTX online converter. Even if you are currently a student, employee, or businessman. PDF file has the most professional look for every document, whether it is text only or text with pictures and graphics. Therefore, many documents, such as Words, Excel, and PowerPoint (PPTX) are converted into PDF. However, sometimes you also need to convert PDF back to PowerPoint.

Part 1: Converting PPTX to PDF

The PDF format provides a more professional look on every type of document, either it was created in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. Most of the companies in the world even use an HR tool that is able to detect CV in PDF format.

However, for a particular position, such as marketing executive, we need to create a clear and appealing presentation. Because if you are accepted for that position, you may need to create a great presentation on PPTX to promote your brand or company to investors, suppliers, resellers, etc.

You can present it on a PPTX slide or send the presentation to them. If you need to send it via email, then you should convert it to PDF. It will look tidier and more professional. When that time comes, you need SizePDF to convert PPTX to PDF online.
online pdf to pptx

Part 2: Converting PDF to PPTX

Besides converting PPTX to PDF, you also need to convert PDF to PPTX online. It happens when you are required to adjust some sections of a presentation in a PDF format.

To solve it, you need a PDF to PPTX converter online. You may find many online PDF converters on the internet. However, most of them require you to sign up or can only convert small size files. To convert large files, they usually require you to join the membership by paying some cash using your credit card.

If you do not have time to sign up, do not believe the website holds your credit card information, or have larger PDF files that you want to convert, you need a specific online PDF to PPTX converter.

One reliable PDF to PPTX converter online is SizePDF. You do not need to sign up and can convert large PDF files to PPTX.
You just need to open this website: SizePDF in your favorite browser. Then click the Tools icon on the top right corner. Next, click the PDF to PowerPoint option. After that, select the file that you want to convert from PDF to PPTX. If you need to convert more files, just click the More Files button and select another file that you want to convert. This website will convert your files in seconds and you can simply download them by clicking the Download File button.

Now, you can adjust that PPTX. After adjusting and saving that newest file, you can convert it back from PPTX to PDF using SizePDF as well.

Another thing about the SizePDF website is that you can access this online conversion PDF to PPTX in English, Bahasa Indonesia, and Espanol.