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Using SizePDF’ Free Tool to Convert PDF to Text File Easily

If you are looking to convert PDF to text file, having the right tool is essential. PDFs are notorious for being difficult to edit and revise. Thus, converting PDF to desired file formats is quite essential. For those, looking for a free and simple PDF to text converter SizePDF‘ excellent tools are a great choice.

Part 1: What Are PDFs and Why Do We Need to Convert Them

Adobe created a PDF file format in 1992 for presenting documents with words and graphics. The PDF file format is among the most widely popular in today's modern world. It gained popularity after Adobe published it as an open platform in 2008, resulting in broad acceptance of the file format all over the world. But corporations like Adobe expect users to pay a premium to keep using their software like Adobe Acrobat Reader. While it is completely fine that a corporation would want to make profits, but not giving the users the flexibility to choose is a challenge. So,  if you want to convert PDF file to text file, you might not want to spend extra on software. This is where PDF to Word’s robust PDF file to text converter comes into play.

Will My Data Be Safe

Unlike paid solutions, PDF to Word’s PDF file to text converter does not store any of your data on their servers after the conversion process is completed. You can rest assured that the files are completely safe and removed instantly after download. Users also do not need to create an account on the platform. This ensures that there is complete privacy and security on the platform.

Part 2: How to Use SizePDF' Free Converter

If you want to convert PDF to text file online, choosing SizePDF' PDF to text file converter is your best choice. It is quite easy to convert PDF file to text with this tool. Anyone with the basic idea of browsing and computer use can get it done easily. Here are the five easy steps you should follow to convert PDF to text file online free on PDF to Word.

If you have followed all the above-mentioned steps in order, you should now have an editable text file to work with. Do not worry about the formatting as everything is preserved accordingly during the conversion. Try PDF to Word’s tool to convert PDF to text file online for free and instantly.

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