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The Best Way to Copying Text From PDF

You found an e-book or article and want to copy text from it. However, you need to edit the text and annotate it for later reference. After conversion, it will retain the same fonts, paragraphs, tables, and columns as the PDF, so you can copying text from pdf or add new elements to meet your needs. It also allows you to convert PDF into Word or Excel documents. Text in PDF can be edited in Word/Excel. So you can copy a lot of words easily.

Part 1: SizePDF

Someone might send you a PDF file and you find it un-editable this difficulty in convert pdf to word text editable. Due to the document being secured or encrypted PDF, or image-only. The sender sets certain editing permissions for the current file so that you are unable to edit or copy any text. In addition to copying text from a PDF file, you can also click "Edit PDF" to add comments, text, and various shapes and images to the document. There are a variety of online PDF tools that allow you to copy PDF text online.

PDF to Text

SizePDF has provided an “Unlock PDF” feature to remove PDF password security and permissions. After all, you can copy text from pdf online easily.

Part 2: PDFelement

If you want to copy text, you can use PDFelement to copy directly from the secure PDF document. You can use Win2PDF Pro Print to PDF to set the encryption and permissions for the PDF file. The PDF file is often protected to prevent copying of the content. As the author or the company that issued the PDF file protects their copyrights.

Drag the mouse to select the PDF, and then right-click to select the copy option. Drag the mouse to select. Next, select the text to be copied to the PDF, right-click text and select "Copy". After selecting, right-click the selected text and click Copy from the drop-down menu.

The piece of text selected is now on the clipboard. You can also select text by right-clicking the text and choosing the Copy or Copy to Clipboard option. After copying the PDF text, you can open Microsoft Word and press A "Ctrl + V" A on your keyboard to paste the copied text.

You can copy text directly from a secure PDF and paste it into another document of your choice. In other words, if you want to convert the original PDF document into a PDF file, you only need to convert the file to PDF format. Process PDF converter by clicking the Save As button in the Microsoft Office file.

Part 3: Soda PDF

You can use the same method copy text from pdf file online.  Soda PDF Desktop adjusts the size of the text box or move the text box to fit your document. After that, go to the application and document format (such as Microsoft Word) where you want to paste the text. Next, right-click and select "Paste", or press CTRL + V to place the text.

Next, navigate to the document where you want to paste the copied text, right-click where you want to place it and select "Paste", or click "Edit"> "Paste". Or you can open the document or scanned image you want to use the OCR program. Next, click the tool in the upper right corner of the toolbar, and select Recognize Text> In This File. What you need to know Open the PDF file in Adobe Reader DC, use the "Select" tool on the menu bar to select an image or text, and then select "Edit"> "Copy".