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How to Change PDF to Doc Instantly Using Converter

Today, you can change PDF to Doc files instantly using converter tools available on the internet. However,  you'd get exposed to diverse tools as you online and choose the one that suits you the most. Here, we'd discuss and highlight two major types of  PDF-Doc converter that you can consider using below.

Here are the 2 parts.

Part 1: Converter Tools You Can Use

There are two major types of converter tools that you can use to change PDF to Doc file including the online web service and offline software. The online converter tool is where you can add the pdf file to the web, convert it, and get the results instantly. There are also applications that you can download and install to your PC or mobile device so you can use it to convert PDF in offline mode.

Web-based converter

The web-based PDF to Doc converter is about how to change PDF to Doc online. First, you need to visit the PDF to Word Website and select the PDF file you want to convert. Second, ensure that the file has been 100% completely uploaded, and then you can hit the convert button. Third, keep up with the progress bar as the conversion starts instantly. Finally, you can download the converted Doc file once it's completed. From there, you can open the file and/or add more PDF files to convert to Doc.

Offline Converter Software

If you choose to use the offline converter software, then you'd have to find a credible website to download the program source.  You can either go to Google Play Store or Apple App Store to download and install the converter to your phone or mobile devices. The exact procedure of how to change PDF to document might be slightly different for each software but you typically need to browse the PDF file, name the Doc file, and proceed with the conversion. The converted file should appear in the folder and under the name you've set before.
change pdf to doc

Part 2: What's the Best Tool for You

When it comes to how to change PDF to editable document file, the two types of converter do their job perfectly but there are some advantages and disadvantages you may want to consider. Generally speaking, web-based converters are more popular as people can access the internet easily today. However, some people may still prefer to have converter software installed on their device so let's highlight them.

Web-Based Converters

Web-based converters have become the on-the-go solution for students, office workers, or anyone who wants to change PDF to editable document instantly. It requires no extra space in your device storage for installation and you can access them from any device. If you have a problem with getting online, then a web-based converter is the perfect solution for you.

Converter Software

The major advantage of using converters online is that you can stay offline when converting the PDF file. The downside is that you need to install the software to your device and sometimes you might find hassles for updates or compatibility issues. If you hardly go online most of the time, then having PDF converter software on your computer or phone would be helpful.