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Ways to Convert PPTX to PDF Instantly

The best way to save a PPTX document is to convert it to PDF format. Apart from being lighter, the PDF format is also safer to store and send. If you don't know how to do it, we will introduce you to how to convert PPTX to PDF quickly and easily.


Part 1: Ways to Convert PPTX to PDF

You may know there are a lot of methods that you can use to convert PPTX file PDF, but to find the one that fits your needs is not that easy. When you have a lot on your plate at work, getting a project done swiftly and efficiently is essential. You also don't want a difficult and time-consuming converting procedure. So, there are two options available to you to avoid this, namely Microsoft Office PowerPoint directly, and free online website converter.

1. Microsoft Office PowerPoint

First, we'll go through the first option to convert PPTX file to PDF, which is to use Microsoft Office PowerPoint. The procedure is straightforward. Once you've completed your work, just save your document from Microsoft Office PowerPoint by pressing the 'file' bar. And then export your document to PDF. Select a location to store the file in the Publish as PDF or XPS dialog box. Enter a new title in the File name box if you wish to give it a different name.

2. SizePDF

The second option is by using a free online website converter. You will find a bunch of this free converter on the internet. However, SizePDF website is considered as the most friendly website to convert any file format including convert file PPTX to PDF. When you first get into the website page, they will bring you right away to the converter page. However, make sure that it is the page to convert PPTX file to PDF. If not, you must change it by selecting the right menu in the right corner of the page, then select PPT to PDF. After that, you can put your document, then place 'convert'. Don't close your window because the conversion process will finish in a few seconds.

pptx file to pdf converter

Part 2: About SizePDF Website

SizePDF is the first service on the internet to offer several file conversions in a single location. So, you can convert any file you need including to convert file PPTX to PDF using only this website. This is certainly much more useful than offline software that has the best capabilities though.

SizePDF is a website with a myriad of capabilities but without any difficult instructions. When you first see this website you will directly understand what you must do to convert your document. They also provide some languages that you can choose as your based language, so it will more easily for you to find anything you want in the website.

The thing that makes this website very special is "it's free". Free of charge and free of ads. Yes, you read it right! This website can convert a big volume of your documents without asking you for any money and without any annoying ads on their page. Isn't it fantastic?

Not only that, you even get very fast result with very beautiful and tidy conversion, even if your ppt documents is full of images and graphs, it is still the best PPTX to PDF converter ever.

Part 3: Benefit of Using SizePDF Website

You will gain many benefits by using a SizePDF website, not only will save a lot of your money. This website can also save you time and energy. Your task will be completed considerably more quickly and neatly. This will undoubtedly help you advance in your office job, and your boss will have even more faith in you as a result. Working to meet looming deadlines is no longer a terrifying prospect for you, because everything can be resolved quickly.