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The Expert’s Guide to Convert PPTX to PDF

Converting files from PPTX to PDF could be confusing, especially because of the multitude of options available. You can rely on us as we bring to you the expert’s guide to convert your files online, that too, securely and swiftly. Let's begin!


Part 1: Expert's Recommendation for Conversion from PPTX to PDF

Trust us as we are experts and we have selected the best free, online and secure PPTX to PDF converter for your needs. All you need to do is follow the steps we show you, then your files will be converted easily and swiftly.

We want to recommend a free online converter SizePDF. The moment you reach this website you will notice that it has a neat, user friendly and Ad-free interface.

On the top right hand corner you will be able to see the 'Tool's option. Click on it and select the 'PowerPoint to PDF' option from the drop down menu.

You will now land on a page where you can upload the PowerPoint files you wish to convert to PDF. A progress bar will indicate the status of file conversion. When the moment the file conversion is complete you can click on 'Download' to download the converted file. You might notice that the conversion from PPTX file to PDF has resulted in a file with most of the formatting retained.

Moreover, in order to help users while they are converting files, SizePDF has a tutorial on every page with detailed steps for file conversion.

The entire process is FREE. At no point will you be prompted to signup or upgrade to a plan to access any of their features. You do not need to install any application or upgrade your software.

Users are free to use either Mac or Windows and any browser of their choice.

Moreover, while you are on this website, you can access and use a number of other tools to convert from PDF to other formats and vice versa.
pptx to pdf free

Part 2: File Security Features to be Aware of

As SizePDF is an online tool we understand that you may be concerned about the security of your files. So this is the reason why we are going to discuss the security features of this online method to convert PPTX to PDF free.

SizePDF website will firstly provide SSL encryption for your files. Next, you will have the option to delete the uploaded file with one click once the conversion process is complete. You can rest assured that your files are not retained on SizePDF server after the conversion process has been completed, because it will be deleted later.

We hope you can now see why we would recommend SizePDF. Because it has just the right amount of features that a user could need and that too absolutely free.

Rarely do you come across a quality product that is free and satisfies all your conversion needs such as,
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on SizePDF absolutely free.

Trust us and head over to SizePDF website. Then follow the steps we have shown to start converting your files.