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3 Fast and Free Ways for Multiple Word to PDF Conversion

There is an abundance of options for multiple Word to PDF file convertors. What you need is a reliable, easy and fast way to fulfill your needs. Therefore, we show you the three best tools you can use to convert multiple Word files to PDF in one go.

Part 1: Top 3 Multiple Word Files to PDF Convertors

As explained in the introduction, this article will show you uncomplicated and completely free multiple Word to PDF convertors here, so hope it helps.

1. SizePDF
The SizePDF website is a great product to quickly convert multiple Word documents to PDF, so it worths your trying. All you need to do is simply, go to their website and select the option 'Word to PDF' from their 'Tools' menu and then upload all the Word documents you wish to convert.

Multiple files converted at a super-fast rate
No sign-up or registration required
Ad free experience at no cost
Extremely neat and uncluttered user interface

While most of the original formatting is retained, some fonts are changed
File conversion time may be long depending on file richness and size

word to pdf multiple

2. iLovePDF
iLovePDF is another great website that converts multiple-word documents to PDF. On their site select the 'WORD to PDF' tool and then upload the Word files you wish to convert.

Fast conversion
Register to access tools in multiple languages
Access cloud storage to upload and download files after signing-up

Does not retain some of the formatting of the original word documents
Word document conversion with OCR only for premium members
Signup required for Ad free experience.

3. Smallpdf
Another great website to convert multiple Word documents to PDF is Smallpdf.

Fast conversion and no limit on file size
Plans available for businesses and teams

Major drawback of this site is that after uploading your documents, then it will prompt you to try out “Smallpdf Pro” free for 7 days. So you will have to signup to proceed with the conversion.
Processes only two documents a day for free
Word files with OCR conversion can only be processed with Pro membership

Part 2: Confidentiality and Safety of Your Documents

Each of these websites has great features to offer. Nevertheless, in this digital age any user must ensure that the security and confidentiality of their documents is not compromised.

The converted PDF files on SizePDF website are SSL encrypted. Without your explicit permission no one is access to your files, then you can delete your uploaded file in just one click!

Similarly, iLovePDF is ISO accredited, approved by the PDF association and also provides SSL encryption. Its downside is that it retains your files on its servers for two hours before deleting them. Likewise, Small PDF too retains your files on its servers for one hour while providing features like ISO accreditation and GDPR compliance.

The websites listed in this article are online so it is extremely easy to use. You can use them with most browsers and on Windows and Mac! All you need to do now is identify your needs, then choose a free and simple option like SizePDF, or use partly paid services like iLovePDF or Smallpdf to satisfy business and team requirements.