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How to Copy Table from PDF to Excel with Simple Steps

To copy PDF to excel, you can do one important thing: convert it back to excel. Unfortunately, we can’t copy tables within Excel file format directly. If you are still don't understand this, check out these simple steps to copy table from PDF to Excel.

Part 1: How to Copy Table from PDF into Excel

If you’re looking for how to copy data from PDF to excel, we know that you’ve found a dead end. Reports and work files usually appear in PDF. However, no matter what the format is,  you can convert any Word or Excel file into PDF. The reason for this is quite obvious; to make sure that formatting within the file can still be seen on any device.

It’s sure important if you’re sending your files to a boss or working partner. Since not every device has the same OS, it’s best to send the file in PDF format so that they can view the file without any errors.

To copy-paste table from PDF to excel, sadly it can’t be done directly from the PDF files. Copying tables from PDF can’t usually be pasted on any documents, even Excel. That’s why what you can do to solve this problem is to revert it back to Excel.

Once you reverted it, you can simply open the file and edit anything in it, whether it’s the tables, fonts, anything. Then, you can edit them back in a way you previously did.

copy pdf to excel

Part 2: How to Do Conversion

To copy PDF to excel with columns, you can whether use apps or online converters. Either way works well, but online converters can be a better option if you need a tool that could work and deliver faster.
Since they’re online, they can usually access it on all platforms, including smartphones. This easier and versatile access makes most people love them more compared to the apps.
Among the lots of options available in the market, we have a recommendation. The site is called SizePDF, a multifunctioning platform that can convert your PDF files into any other format you desire. It’s also has a long list of usable tools anyone can use freely.

Part 3: Converting PDF with SizePDF & Its Benefits

To copy pdf to excel with SizePDF, users only need to do several short steps, like:

You can choose to close the page or click More to add more PDF files to convert.
Other than its simplicity, SizePDF is a free-to-all platform that also offers security, convenience, and practicality.  The site also has direct access, so users don’t even need to register and do the login process. Once they click the website, you can use it shortly after.

Part 4: How SizePDF Might Be Beneficial for You

So, SizePDF is undoubtedly the simplest and quickest platform to copy data from PDF to excel. It requires no payment and offers many advantages in the form of advanced security and versatility. Feel free to use the platform anytime you need it to copy table from PDF to excel.